COMMUNITY SUPPORT - Every dollar counts

You can donate to 24//7 Cycling Safety Fund through "Everyday Hero" website now.

Every donation toward 24//7 CSF helps us toward our ultimate goal of a safe cycling facility.
The way this is achieved is through creating a growing support base of our objectives through
running strategic events that help to raise awareness of cycling in our city. As each event is run
as a fundraising venture an increasing amount of funds is also set aside as seed funding to
begin essential works on land or as a part of a potential acquisition process.

It should be acknowledged that while each donation does make a difference toward the
ultimate goal, 24//7 CSF is also lobbying Local, State and Federal Government for large scale
funding opportunities to compliment the generous donations of 24//7 CSF supporters.

Please donate by the following methods:

1. Direct Deposit
24//7 Cycling Safety Fund
Bank of Queensland
BSB: 124053
Account No: 21658550
ABN: 45 955 160 176

2. "Everbody Hero" website
Click here to donate today to the 24//7 Cycling Safety Fund via the "Everybody Hero" website.

Also please contact us for more information on sponsorship, partnership or for more
information about making a donation fill out the enquiry form to the right.

There are many ways to help

You can do them all or help in a way that suits your lifestyle.