Our Goals

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, many people in our community are riding bicycles.  Infants, children, teenagers, young adults, retirees, athletes, “weekend warriors”, men and women are turning to cycling for fun, fitness and competition in what is becoming a growing trend.

The Fund’s goals are driven by a strong need for action.

With increasing cycling numbers, and the dangers associated, 24//7 CSF seeks to fulfill two major objectives:

Policy and Education

Research, promote, and strategically plan towards safe cycling in Ipswich. 24//7 intends on engaging in a ‘grass roots’ campaign to train children in safe cycling and road safety and to raise awareness of cyclists on the roads to motorists.

Safe Cycling Centre

To design and create a safe cycling centre in the Ipswich area that is easily accessible to families and competitive riders alike.

This would be in the form of a bitumen criterium track approximately 1.5km – 2.5km in length.

Past, Present & Future

How and why 24//7 began, our progress and our look to the future.

Troy’s Story

To this day, the 24th of July 2011 remains the worst day of Troy’s life.

Building a bicycle store and cycling community has been Troy’s passion for decades. It was dreadfully sad that he lost his Mum, Narelle, the person that made him who he is today, while she was riding her bicycle. Words cannot begin to describe the feeling of loss that he faces each day.

While the 24//7 Cycling Safety Fund will not stop road accidents from happening altogether, it will give cyclists a choice to either ride in a safe environment or to cycle on Ipswich roads. Troy believes that if such a facility had existed, his mother would have chosen to ride her bike at that precinct instead of on the roads. That day in July however, a US serviceman failed to stop at an intersection at Amberley, and took her life.

The vision for the 24//7 Cycling Safety Fund is to make a difference to our community and to provide a safe place to cycle, at the same time creating a partnership and understanding of road safety rules between cyclists and motorists.

“Please support the 24//7 Cycling Safety Fund charity, thankyou, and safe cycling,” Troy Dobinson, President.

Together we can achieve so much

The story so far…

The 24//7 Cycling Safety Fund was established in August 2011, and has gained strong support from the cycling community, government authorities and business leaders, who have all thrown their energies behind the project. The Fund is for the sole purpose of providing safe cycling facilities for Ipswich residents to enjoy and use at any time throughout the day and was initiated by Troy Dobinson, owner and founder of The Yellow Jersey Bike Shop and an Ipswich Amateur Cycling Club member. The Fund is a not for profit organisation, which is solely funded by donations from the general public and local businesses.

Although in its early stages of seeking funds for the facility, there are positive signs that Ipswich residents will have a facility in the very near future.

Donations and Support

The 24//7 Cycling Safety Fund needs additional donations to make its goals a reality.

With the ever increasing number of people who are consciously choosing cycling as a way of exercising, for recreation, to be “greener,” and for sporting activities, there is a clear need for a facility that allows people to ride in safety.

What is it that you can do as an individual, a business or as an organisation to help?

What is it that you can do as an individual, a business or as an organisation to help?